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2011 National Workshop on Deepwater Release

March 15-17, 2011
Atlanta, Georgia

Executive Summary

Workshop Goals:

  1. Identify best practices and equipment to employ by anglers and regulatory agencies to increase the survival of angler-sought saltwater fishes, with emphasis on reef fishes under a variety of conditions/fisheries.
  2. Develop outline for messages directed to anglers to employ in their interaction with saltwater species, and
  3. Provide guidance to management bodies to reduce the interaction and lethality of such interactions, with those species by anglers through the consideration of management actions such as time/area closures, gear modifications, restrictions/usage and size restrictions and account for and incorporate release mortality/survivability into the regulatory process.
  4. Identify gaps in the current state of knowledge in need of additional research efforts/funding


Introduction –Eric Schwaab, Assistant Administrator for NOAA
FishSmart Initiative – Gil Radonski/Andrew Loftus
Results of FMP Analysis and Literature Synopsis: Summary of What We Know - Gil Radonski/ Andrew Loftus
Frame the Overall Issue of Barotrauma and Release Mortality - Steve Theberge, Florida Sea Grant

Framing Regional Barotrauma Impacted Recreational Fisheries

  • Gulf of Mexico - Karen Burns, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council
  • Pacific -   Dan Wolford, Pacific Fishery Management Council
  • Atlantic - Chip Collier, North Carolina  Division of Marine Fisheries

Tee Up Issues (These brief descriptions provide a scientifically-based summary that can be used to guide discussion on the topic within break out groups.

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